Coffee: Rwanda Nyamagebe

While brewing beer, wine, and mead can be a ton of fun, I’m a daily coffee drinker. In the course of my daily routine I usually consume unremarkable brews such as those found on the shelves of your local market, but when I have the time I like to sit down and brew a cup of something special. 

This afternoon, it’s a cup of Rwanda Nyamagebe, roasted by PassionHouse. I got this coffee as a sample from, who do mail-order coffee packages.


The roast is on the lighter side, but it has an amazing aroma. The beans smell rich, almost velvety, and there are undertones of sweet chocolate and a front-of-the-tongue berry scent that’s quite enticing. 

While brewing, the Nyamagebe has a noticeably sweeter smell, lighter on the coffee notes and heavier in the berry department. I brewed my inaugural cup in the Chemex and got enticing wafts of dark cherry and chocolate as I slowly drizzled the water into the beans. It smells pretty darn good, though my nose often gravitates to darker brews.


The first sip yields an almost evasive taste. This coffee is shy, almost a little bit afraid to come forward, but some pleasant coffee notes are lurking behind a shield of caramel flavor. I often take my bolder coffees with a splash of cream to cut the acid, but this brew doesn’t need anything at all; it’s easily drinkable right out the brewer without any additives. 


Overall I’d give this coffee a four out of five stars. I like the flavor and get that it’s a light roast, but I’d prefer it to be maybe just a skosh darker. The aroma was quite heavenly and even my non-coffee-drinking wife was enticed by the smell of the beans. A solid brew, and one I look forward to enjoying again!

Until next time, may the Bryggjemann bless you and Bacchus guide you!


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